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In a society that is inundated with imagery and products surrounding the pursuit of self-perfection, it is only natural that individuals critique their own bodies as though they are looking through a microscope. One of the greatest realistic concerns facing the nation today is an epidemic of obesity. However, on a much smaller scale, people are obsessing over issues concerning their physicality. Individuals have a unique capability to preoccupy themselves with a particular body part that they become somewhat obsessed with fixing. One of the popular areas is the thigh and people are in a never ending pursuit to find out how to get rid thigh fat.

One of the integral keys to losing all over body fat, including thigh fat, is a powerful and tiresome cardio schedule. Any cardio activity can be chosen, but keep in mind that cardio activities such as running, biking, or jumping rope will put an emphasis on the thighs during the entire cardio workout. The recommendation for significant change and reduction in thigh fat is 5 days of cardio per week for 60 minutes each session. Any type of incline will accelerate the overall fat burning process, increase heart rate, and place greater focus on burning thigh fat in particular. This can mean simply increasing the incline on a treadmill or finding alternative cardio activities such as stairs or running hills.




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Part of your daily workout plan should include spot toning exercises that will reveal strong, toned thigh muscles making the legs appear longer and leaner. Spot toning exercises targeting thigh muscles include lunges. Lunges can be done from a standing position while alternating legs or consecutive lunges can be done to cover the length of a gym. Another spot toning exercise is the squat. There are many ways to perform a squat, but for the purpose of burning thigh fat and targeting the thigh muscle, a standing squat using body weight will suffice. Integrating spot training with cardio will reveal results in no time.

Eating habits are equally important when learning how to lose thigh fat. Breakfast should remain the most important meal of the day to kick start the metabolism. However, any type of sugary or processed foods should be avoided. Food intake should consist of fiber and protein rich foods with a mixture of complex carbohydrates. Protein provides lasting energy and helps build lean muscle. Snacking throughout the day will help avoid overeating that can sabotage any progress. Snacks should be less than 150 calories and contain similar protein and fiber ratios. Water should be the chosen beverage anytime there is thirst throughout the day. Weight loss is enhanced by staying hydrated.
People need to understand that there is no magic pill or fad diet that will take away body fat or weight overnight no matter how small the body part or area they are attempting to change. Follow the suggested workout plan to help lose fat and your achieve the body you desire. Maintaining a fiber and protein rich diet with continuous snacking, while staying hydrated, completes a well rounded plan to watch thigh fat melt away to reveal long, lean beautiful legs.




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